Tree Removal Regulations in Queensland

What you need to know about tree removal in the Sunshine State


Having trees in the backyard can be advantageous. Trees produce oxygen and improve air quality in the area. In addition, it provides shade and regulate harsh temperatures. Moreover, trees also provide that additional privacy for the home.

Nevertheless, there are times when you need to have a tree removed from your property. For you to even consider this, there must be a valid and logical reason behind it.

Pro Tree Removal Brisbane founder Nigel Blaney talks about Queensland’s regulations on tree removal. He said that if you live in Queensland, you know that tree removal is not that plain and simple. Even if the tree is within your property, you can’t just have it removed if it doesn’t serve its purpose.

Reasons for Tree Removal

So, why would one cut trees from their property? Here are some of the reasons why homeowners feel the need to have a tree cut from their property:

1. Trees that cause disagreements with neighbours

In Queensland, many homeowners  have fights with their neighbours just because of a tree.  Some common disagreements include:

  • Your tree’s branches are hanging over the other side of the fence
  • Your neighbour’s fruits are dropping in your compound
  • The roots of your neighbour’s tree could be  growing on your side of the fence and threaten to cause damage in your property
  • Your neighbour’s tree is so tall that it blocks sunlight for their solar panels
  • The tree looks like it’s about to fall over in your property
  • Your neighbour’s tree has actually fallen on your property and has cause massive damages

2. Dead trees

When a tree is already dead, it should be cut down immediately in order to avoid any damages if the branches, or the tree itself, fall.

3. Sick trees

Keeping a sick tree on your property could be dangerous to other healthy plants. Some of the most common signs of an unhealthy tree are decayed branches or dead leaves. Once you’re sure that your tree is sick, have it removed immediately.

4. Damaged trees

Bad weather can cause major damages to trees.  Heavy winds or rainfall can completely bring down a tree or cause some of the tree branches and they are in a point that they could fall at any moment.

5. Infested trees

Bugs infestation could seriously damage your trees, but the worst part about it is they can spread to your house, which is quite dangerous to your health.

6. Trees that have grown too close to the home or building

There are trees that grow out of control or too close to home. These trees have branches or roots that can potentially damage the home or even serve as passage way for pests to enter your home.


What does the law say about removing trees from your property?

Brisbane City Council’s Natural Assets Local Law 2003 (NALL) is very clear when it comes to protecting the state’s natural assets, which includes the trees in the urban areas. It requires everyone to seek for  a permit from the local Council’s office before clearing, removing or working on protected vegetation.

Each Council has its own rules and regulations regarding tree removal, but there are some common rules across the state. There are also exemptions that apply to these rules. So, it is important that you know and understand the law before taking any actions on your trees or your neighbour’s trees.

If you have any specific questions or concerns when it comes to the council’s guidelines on tree removal, it is best to check with the Council.

Working with professional arborists

The other best way to get the information you need is by checking it with your local tree removal companies.

Professional tree removal companies employ arborists who are not just highly skilled but also knowledgeable when it comes to trees and other vegetations. More importantly, they are familiar on the State’s regulations about tree removal as well as other related issues.

When you hire professional arborists for tree removal or any other tree care and maintenance, you are assured that the procedure is safe and legal. So, there’s no need to worry about violating any safety protocols or laws.



Tree removal in private properties require homeowners to secure a permit from the city council.  You should follow this wherever you are in the country. Each state or each council has their own laws and regulations regarding tree removal. It’s your responsibility that should be followed in order to avoid getting penalized.

If you have any tree issue, it’s better to consult your local council or your local tree removal experts. It’s always easier to seek for the help of professionals when it comes to a laborious task such as this.