Carport Building Regulation in Brisbane

The City Council Guidelines For Carports

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Carport is one of the most commonly built structures in Australia. It is also the most preferable because of its versatility and affordability. However, if you intend on building a carport very close to your house in Brisbane, there are certain regulations you have to comply with prior to construction.  The Brisbane carport builders have shared the regulations implemented by the city council for carports building.  Let’s look at them further below.

Accepted Development Projects

If you want to build a carport in Brisbane, you don’t need any approval in writing from the city council to commence the carport planning.  This is because a carport building project is regarded as accepted development, subject to requirements.

This is a certain type of project that does not require design approval from the Brisbane City Council before it can be developed. Provided that the building conforms with the city council’s planning rules. In this case, you will have to carry out a self-assessment and determine if your city is within the following zones:

  • Environmental management zone
  • Emerging community zone
  • Rural zone
  • Rural residential zone
  • Township zone

Also, a carport is an accepted development, subject to requirements if the property falls in the following zones:

  • Low-density residential zone
  • Low-medium density residential zone
  • Medium-density residential zone
  • Character residential zone

If your property falls within these zones, then you can go ahead with building a carport, subject to other requirements.

Dwelling house character overlay & Dwelling house code

A Dwelling house character overlay identifies different areas with the specific requirements for houses that can be built in that area. This includes specific requirements for the height and width of homes to protect the residential character of the site.

A Dwelling house code is a general code that ensures that buildings in a residential area are sustainable and appropriate. Plus should it creates a livable, safe and attractive environment for everyone living in the residential area.

In essence, your carport building design must comply with the dwelling house character overlay and the dwelling house code of the area you are in. You must also check if your building is within a neighbourhood plan area, as this may also affect the type of carport you can construct.

Neighbourhood plans address residential planning at the local or district level.

Assessable Development

If you want to construct a carport, but your building is not a dwelling house, this means you will need to seek planning approval from the Brisbane City Council because your project will not be regarded as accepted development, subject to requirements. A development application is an application for a development approval made under the Planning Act of 2016. Under Section 2 of the Planning Act of 2016, development is defined as:

  • Carrying out building work
  • Plumbing or drainage work
  • Operational work
  • Reconfiguring a lot (or subdivision)

If your carport construction goes along with any of these developments, then you will have to apply. Your project may also be an assessable development (i.e. require a development application) if it is located within a neighbourhood plan area or a relevant overlay.

Council Approval Cost

Building Approval

If you are building a new house in Brisbane and you want to include a carport as part of your development plan, your approval will come with the building application to the city council. However, if you have an already existing house, then you will need building approval only for the carport. A building certifier can assist you with gaining building approval. He  is responsible for assessing whether your proposed building complies with the Building Act of 1975 and other relevant construction standards.

After construction, the building certifier must also do an inspection to determine if the building has meet the requirements. A qualified building professional can help you prepare detailed plans of the carport you want to construct.

Driveway Permit

Finally, you will need a driveway permit if you want to build, repair or modify the footpath to your carport.